Özturk group has 3 different companies. These companies have a common area of work and customers so united under the name of Öztürk Group.

We have created brand identity and website of the group company what has got 30 years of experience and excellent customer pleasure.


They needed modern design websites for their companies Öztürk Group and sub companies. Also, they needed brand identity for Öztürk Group.


We decided to publish them all on one site because have a common place of work and customers which the sub companies in Öztürk Group. Also, we designed a modern logo for Öztürk Group.


After many demo logos, we have decided a minimal and modern logo which representing the letter “Ö”.


We used paper and pencil for bring our creativity to the top and finally we got the right layout.

As a result of a bit of research, we created that user experience compatible sketches.


We transferred to digital media with adding details what we created with sketching. Then, we created prototypes for user experience.


We designed of the interface which we developed the wireframe for user experience.

Öztürk Group

We put 3 panel parts belonging to sub companies to navigate in entrance page.

Each panel has a belonging a company name, a brief description and a picture.

We created a contact form that can be moved down automatically from header. In this way, users can quickly contact for offers or detailed information.

Studio 810

We designed a creative website for Studio 810 that makes creative kitchen designs.

You see a brief information and a slider with the latest projects in the entrance. Header section also changes for ease of navigation.

There is some information on the title of quality and services to represent part about. We showed their business partnership with Hafele what is the world brand of kitchen.

We emphasized with the icons that all stages such as design, production and application are carried out from a single point.

We showed the final projects with effect on the projects part.

And we published happy customers' logos and contact information in bottom part.

810 Investment and Real Estate

We have done a creative interface work that is modern, informative and functional for 810 investment and real estate.

There is menu for navigation convenience like other pages in entry section. You see a modern slider except writing about us.

There are descriptive text and 3 general service titles along with the icon in the services section. On the left side, it emphasizes the company's 30 years experience.

We created a modern slider in project part. This time, you see references and communication parts in a horizontal view. Also, there is a short article about customer happiness in references section.

There is a actual map what customers can interact in bottom part. Thanks to this map, customers can query ownership of various properties.

810 Interior Architecture

We created an artistic minimal design for the 810 interior design brand that made artistic interior design work.

We previewed the latest projects with a modern and impressive slider in entrance.

This section contains a short article on services. In addition, there are minimalist photographs and explanations in 4 general titles.

Projects, references and communication are on same part like other pages.


It works flawlessly with a functional back-end software. Also, it is the best result on all devices as a responsive front-end code with a clean structure.



Visual Identity

Brand Stories


User Interface

User Experience


Front-end Development

Back-end Development

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