Tarboosh Games is an independent game studio based in EMEA. It is founded by a group of passionate gamers striving to make a grand entrance into the gaming scene. Tarboosh Games team comes from different cultures and backgrounds with years of credible experience in mobile and PC game development.



Mr. Know it All, a game that challenges the limits of your concentration! Test yourself against more than three thousand "no-brainer" questions spread across tens of classifications in more than 50 levels!


Mr. Know it All has got many successes. Now, game has got 500.000 download on Google Play Store and 3.127 votes for 5 stars. Also, game has got 631 votes for 5 stars on App Store. Also, 1st place in the best game rankings on App store.


We have managed a successful account and campaign management for Mr. Know it All.





Mr. Know it All social media accounts weren’t active and were fewer accesses. Mr. Know it All didn’t have a manager. Also, they needed a campaign management for increase page activity.






We have managed Mr. Know it All social media accounts and we increased accesses and interaction. And, we provide distribution of t-shirts and cups for campaign management. We carried out the distribution through lottery. Thanks to it, we have achieved more accesses and interaction. So users have recognized the game and increased page activity.






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